Mehr Vitalität durch sanfte Schwingungen

NanoCampo® is the world’s number 1 in energizing the body, mind and soul during sleep.
It is the first anabolic system that can energetically build up all cells overnight on the levels of body, mind and soul.

Magnetic energy already flows naturally through us humans. This energy flow plays a vital role in many biological functions. Our NanoCampo® magnetic field technology activates and vitalizes the cells in the body and thus supports health.

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NanoCampo® magnetic field supports
for numerous complaints

With natural and gentle nano vibrations.
Regeneration & vitality

Supports the regeneration of nerve, brain and immune deficiencies and helps to increase vitality. Increases general well-being. Gives energy and stimulates self-healing.

Body resistance and immune activation

Strengthens the immune system, helps against electrosmog and supports chronic illnesses. Optimizes the general resistance of the immune system.

Nano-metabolism & organ vitalization

Activates nano-metabolism through electron energy. Supports organ problems and intolerances. Revitalizes the metabolic processes and detoxifies.

Stress management & relaxation

Has a relaxing effect on the body and helps with mental, physical and nervous overload. Supports against stress and anxiety.

First anabolic system that can build up cells energetically

Supports with

Anabolic support programs for numerous complaints.

Overnight regeneration

Overnight stress can be demonstrably reduced by 280% and energy levels increased by 1300%.

Swiss quality

The world's first anabolic device that also supports the body intracellularly.
Developed and produced in Switzerland.

Innovative technology

A new dimension in frequency medicine. Bioresonance was yesterday - NanoCampo is today!

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Find out more in the free guide. How does NanoCampo® work? Here are the first and second tests.

Our system is based on the latest technology and heralds a new generation of magnetic field mats. NanoCampo®magnetic field mats activate the energy in the cells and their mitochondria. All important information about NanoCampo®can be found in the guide and in the tests.

Free guide and tests!
Client P. A.Focus NanoCampo

The first test with the Nano Campo mat was already very promising. I'm looking forward to seeing the results in a few months when I've been using the mat for longer.

Client Z. A.Focus: Nano Campo

Daniel is my metabolic expert hero. His products, his book, his expertise and his advice are highly recommended. I am already looking forward to testing the Nano-Campo mat.

Client L. S.Focus: Products

Thanks to the good products and consistently good advice, my general condition has improved a lot. Thank you for that!

Client I. A.Focus: Nano Campo test mats

It's great that the first tests with the Nano-Mat are so promising. I'm already looking forward to the final product.

Healthy healing impulses for the whole body

Every health impairment is caused by a disturbance of body cell functions. The NanoCampo® magnetic field system helps to regulate the disorder by optimizing the energy frequencies required in the body and thus activating the body’s self-healing powers .

Selbstbestimmung ist uns wichtig, insbesondere bei der Gesundheit. NanoCampo® hat uns begeistert. Lass auch du dich überzeugen!

Free guide and tests!
The NanoCampo® system at a glance

Magnetic field system

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Developed and produced
in Switzerland

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