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NanoCampo® nano magnetic field mats
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The NanoCampo® nano magnetic field system consists of high-quality nano-bio magnetic field mats from Swiss production and specially developed software that sets new standards. It is the first anabolic system that can energetically build up all cells overnight on the levels of body, mind and soul. It can also be used during the day as an energizing, restorative therapy device.


Simple system with control unit and mats.


Very easy and intuitive to use mats.


Also suitable for sensitive people.


Programs for the most diverse

First anabolic system

Discover the power of NanoCampo® technology.

Our bodies are natural conductors of magnetic energy, which plays a decisive role in numerous biological processes. The NanoCampo® magnetic field mat uses these principles to increase cell activity and thus promote general well-being. Simply place under the mattress for restful sleep or use during the day for sitting or lying down to feel the benefits directly. For special bed types such as springbok or waterbeds, simply place the mat on top of the mattress and cover it with a topper.

Innovative control: NanoCampo® with Swiss electronics

Vital thanks to NanoCampo® technology

The NanoCampo APP, supplemented by a high-quality electronic control unit developed in Switzerland, offers you state-of-the-art control over your NanoCampo mat. This combination ensures access to daily updated programs directly on your smartphone, with regular updates keeping the mat up to date. Available in the Android app store, the app connects seamlessly with the control unit.

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NanoCampo: mat + control unit

Everything included in the scope of delivery

The NanoCampo set comprises a specially developed mat, a high-precision control unit including battery and a power cable with USB-C connection. This cable can also be used to connect to your cell phone or tablet. Please note that neither Android phone nor tablet are included in the scope of delivery.

Extensive metabolic programs
and weekly plans.

To use the full potential of the software, you do not need any additional subscription plans. With NanoCampo, everything is included with no hidden costs!

Weekly plans


free weekly plans

For the regulation of body, cell and quantum metabolism

Metabolic programs


Programs included

Free new, targeted individual programs for the body, cell and quantum metabolism

Basic software


Basic software

1 x free access to data server, 1 x free NanoCampo APP (Android only)

Swiss cutting-edge technology

Our technology

NanoCampo® magnetic field is a Swiss cutting-edge technology and stands for health, quality of life and performance. It is the first therapy system that transmits all frequencies between 1 Hz and 999 999 Hz in a constant ultra-fine magnetic field. All metabolic processes in the cell can be supported with this frequency bandwidth. As the NanoCampo magnetic field is up to 1000 times finer than the earth's gravity, sleep and cell repair are directly supported. As the NanoCampo magnetic field is up to 1000 times finer than the earth's gravity, sleep and cell repair are directly supported. The core of NanoCampo® magnetic field technology is to activate the energy in the cells and their mitochondria.
It optimizes the biophysical vibration level of all cells and can directly support the vibrations of the DNA and the mitochondria. All important information about NanoCampo® can be found in the manual.

Natural processes from nature.

  • Continuous change of the oscillation range
  • For all important metabolic systems

  • Vibration in the body through quanta

  • Natural nano-vibrations
  • Anabolic support of the metabolism
  • Currents in the body are in the nanovolt range

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