The most important minds behind NanoCampo®

Christina Hertig

Christina Hertig

Managing Director

NVS ZSR no. U427140, EMR ZSR no. F223460
ZSR-No.: I223560
Dipl. Kinesiologist*, aesthetic therapist, NST and pain therapist, face therapist, LivingLife therapist, medically certified. Nutritionist
Daniel Hertig

Daniel Hertig

Counseling & metabolic therapist

FormSlim therapist
Metabolism expert
Orthomolecular therapist
med. pr. Nutritionist
FormBody therapist
Pain therapist
Implant acupuncturist
Dipl. Foot reflexologist*
E.M.D.R Consultant
A holistic view of humanity

We offer alternatives to conventional medicine

The focus of our efforts is the person and not the illness. We strive to understand people with their symptoms, their social relationships, their needs and their goals and to provide them with the best possible support with our products.

Developed by us

Developed and designed in Switzerland

Switzerland enjoys an excellent reputation throughout the world as a production country: "Made in Switzerland" stands for precise working methods, a high level of expertise and reliability.

Local production - with attention to detail

From CAD drawings to development and assembly – everything happens in one place. Development and production are located in Switzerland. We can therefore rightly claim that all our magnetic field therapy products are “Made in Switzerland”! And we are proud of that!

“Was wir mit der NanoCampo® Magnetfeld-Technologie geschaffen haben ist einmalig.”

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